For more information on group locations or activities, please contact Mindy or Alan Baze at 208.794.6728


Mike and Angie Devitt

The Devitts meet and share a meal and consider their group "eclectic".  They are currently studying "The Cost of Discipleship, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and use a shared leadership model.  Each week they take turns leading the group discussion.  They participate in 2-4 community based projects per year such as volunteer work for the Rescue Mission or City Lights.  They are kid friendly and also coordinate church activities such as the Christmas Star project, the ice cream social, and the video scavenger hunt.


Owen and Bunny Arnett

This group is currently reading "The Spiritual Toolbox" by Terri Fivash.  This book explores how to effectively use the word of God in spiritual warfare.  Their group is described as small and intimate.  One night a month they take a break from their reading and have game night and share a meal.  This group breaks for the summer and re-convenes in the fall.