2016 Sermon Archive

The following 2016 Sermons have been archived.  If you would like to have a copy of any of them, please contact the Church Secretary and request them.  You can either call at 208-322-6601 or email at boiseoasis@gmail.com.

01/02/16 Emmanuel Bizimana 
01/10/16 Mark Peel 
01/16/16 Pastor Don Driver, "The Challenge (Acts 10:34-35)" 
01/23/16 Mark Peel 
01/30/16 Mark Peel 
02/06/16 Mark Peel 
02/13/16 Mark Peel 
02/20/16 Cam Ross, "Luke's Almost Boring Secret" 
02/27/16 Mark Peel 
03/05/16 Pastor Ervin Furne, "More CAPITAL Letters" 
03/12/16 Mark Peel 
03/19/16 Shawna Benedict, "Stay in the Story" 
03/26/16 Cam Ross, "The Fish Gospel"
04/02/16 Pastor Ervin Furne, "More CAPITAL Letters"
04/09/16 Mark Peel 
04/16/16 Mark Peel 
04/23/16 Mark Peel 
04/30/16 Tim Smith, "Stuff Jesus Didn't Say"
05/07/16 Cam Ross, "Perspective..."
05/14/16 Pastor Douglas Roe, "Logo" 
05/21/16 Pastor Tomm Lemon, "Just Do It!"
06/04/16 Mark Peel, "God Loves You Whether You Like It or Not"
06/11/16 Mark Peel
06/18/16 Shawna Benedict 
06/25/16 Camden Ross, "The Service Paradox"
07/02/16 Mark Peel 
07/09/16 Tomm Lemon 
07/16/16 Shawna Benedict, "Be Who You Are" 
07/23/16 Camden Ross, "The Ruler's Challenge" 
07/30/16 Mark Peel 
08/13/16 Tomm Lemon, "Swimming in the Sea of God's Reality" 
08/20/16 Angel Leon, "Just Believe!!!" 
08/27/16 Tomm Lemon, "Life From the Trees" 
09/03/16 Mark Peel 
09/10/16 Tomm Lemon, "Is This It?" 
09/17/16 The Benedicts, "Our Trip to Africa" 
09/24/16 Tomm Lemon, "You Worship What You Want Most" 
10/01/16 Shawna Benedict, "It's Not Complicated" 
10/08/16 Tomm Lemon, "Worship: You Get What You Give (Psalm 100)" 
1015/16 Angel Leon, "Between Thieves" 
10/22/16 Tomm Lemon, "Worship: When You Can't Even" 
10/29/16 Tomm Lemon, "Who is Allowed to Worship?" 
11/05/16 Mark Peel 
11/12/16 Tomm Lemon, "Worship on the Tides of History" 
11/19/16 Pastor Don Driver, "Thanks Be to God (Psalm 107:8-9)"
12/03/16 Shawna Benedict, "Accidental Disciple?" 
12/17/16 Tomm Lemon, "Where God is Wanted" 
12/24/16 Mark Peel 
12/31/16 Tomm Lemon, "The Tip of the Spear"